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San Francisco Symphony

San Francisco Symphony

Principal designs the identity and campaign for ic

Principal designs the identity and campaign for iconic artist Yoko Ono's Growing Freedom exhibition — The Brand Identity

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Gossamer Vol. 3 Night

Verena Michelitsch on Behance

Netflix Tudum

Netflix Tudum | PORTO ROCHA

FREE Photoshop digital collage class. Learn online

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Poster Project

Poster Project

Books From The Future

Experimental school and publishing project by Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees

Graphic Design Bot

Graduate Exhibition Master Fine Art | Piet Zwart I

GRADUATE EXHIBITION MASTER FINE ART, July 1 – July 10 2016. Fourteen international artists cordially invite you to Assemble Relatives, a temporary assembly across three contemporary art spaces in Rotterdam. The conversations, relationships and practices these artists have developed over two years, at the Master Fine Art of Piet Zwart Institute, coalesce in this single moment before they disperse into a new constellation.

San Francisco Symphony