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One Pot Vegan Chili Mac - Delish Knowledge

One Pot Vegan Chili Mac - Delish Knowledge

One Pot Vegan Chili Mac - Delish Knowledge

Vegan Mushroom Wild Rice Soup | ShortGirlTallOrder

The creamiest Vegan Mushroom Wild Rice soup that is dairy-free & made with no cream. This vegetarian mushroom rice soup is so easy, creamy, & can be made in one pot & in 1 hour or less. A healthy mushroom soup recipe with wild rice & coconut milk. This vegan & gluten-free soup has only 8-ingredients & is hearty, simple, & truly filling! #mushroomsoup #vegansoup #mushroomwildricesoup #healthysoup #creamysoup #souprecipes #sgtoeats

Butternut Squash Curry

Easy BUTTERNUT SQUASH CURRY that's both vegan and gluten free and ready in under 25 minutes! Butternut squash mixes with chickpeas, curry paste and coconut milk for this warm and comforting recipe that's delicious on its own or on top of rice! #butternutsquashcurry #curry #butternutsquash #vegan

Pizza Spaghetti [vegan, easy] - Contentedness Cook

These Pizza Spaghetti are filling, easy, delicious and budget friendly. You can never go wrong with my step by step instruction pictures, and it is made with easy pantry staples like cooked spaghettis, tomato sauce aromatic spices like Italian herbs, garlic and baked to perfection in no time. No one could ever tell it is vegan. #vegan #dairyfree #vegetarian #contentednesscooking #dinner #lunch #mealprep #pizzaspaghetti

Vegan White Lasagna Soup - Rabbit and Wolves

Vegan White Lasagna Soup - Rabbit and Wolves

Best Vegan Chili!

This Vegan Chili Recipe is quick and easy, healthy and has the best flavour. full of veggies and beans, It ticks all the boxes, savoury, spicy, sweet and tangy. Perfect for lunch or dinner.It's the ultimate comfort food! It would be great for an instant pot or slow cooker too! Add some tofu meat crumbles or gardein meatless ground for a meaty chew! Cheap to make! #cheeky_chickpea_ #vegan #vegetarian #plant based #Chili #glutenfree #recipes #veganrecipes

Parmesan Zucchini Corn Salad

This Zucchini Salad recipe is so flavorful, easy to make, and the perfect side dish recipe you can enjoy all year round. Made with Zucchini, fresh corn, beans, and parmesan cheese, this recipe will be ready in 15 minutes.

Cauliflower Salad with Creamy Tahini Dressing

This Cauliflower Salad with Creamy Tahini Dressing combines roasted cauliflower & chickpeas with fluffy quinoa and creamy avocados. It’s a healthy, protein-packed salad that can be made ahead of time. // healthy // recipe // cold // vegan

The Best Vegan Fried Rice | Short Girl. Tall Order

This truly is the BEST & EASY Vegan Fried Rice recipe out there. Making Hibachi style vegetarian fried rice filled with veggies & no eggs is easier than you think. This easy recipe walks you through steps on how to make a homemade better-than-takeout Japanese fried rice that is simple & topped with furikake seasoning for an umami flavor! #veganfriedrice #vegetablefriedrice #betterthantakeout #homemadefriedrice #easyfriedrice #sgtoeats

Best Oven Roasted Broccoli

This easy to make Oven Roasted Broccoli is a perfect side dish for any meal. Incredibly flavorful and cooked to perfection, it's certain to become your new favorite way to cook broccoli. #broccoli #oven #roasted via @onehappyhousewife

General Tso's Tofu | Darn Good Veggies

30 minute General Tso's Tofu is full of crispy pan-seared tofu tossed in a flavorful sticky sauce! This dish is spicy, sweet, and full of umami. Vegan and gluten free. It is everything you want in take-out. Crispy pan-fried tofu is tossed in a sticky sauce that is both sweet, spicy, and packed with umami. The sauce thickens and glazes the tofu. The tofu has irresistibly crisp edges. And it all comes together in a flash!

One Pot Vegan Chili Mac - Delish Knowledge

one pot vegan chili mac