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Kieler Woche

Kieler Woche

Kieler Woche Kieler Woche | by Gabriel Primeiro


rawcolor by fscarballo, via Flickr

2016 Gallery - Graphic Design Festival Scotland

빼꼼하는 포스터 디자인(?) 귀여운 느낌이다. 종이가 접힌 듯한 컨셉으로 디자인이 되어 있고, 파스텔 톤과 블랙의 조화가 좋은 듯 하다. 하지만 좀 더 가독성이 좋게 디자인이 될 수 있도록 하단부 종이가 좀 더 보여도 좋을 듯하다.

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WIEN NORD Werbeagentur (A)

100 beste Plakate 14

WIEN NORD Werbeagentur (A) More

“IABR–2018+2010–The Missing Link”, 2018, by studio

studio de ronners is an agency for graphic communication and concepting. in collaboration with our clients—as well as at our own initiative—we develop provocative concepts. then we translate these concepts into refreshing, transparent, appealing designs that provide the perfect answer to your question. in fact, we offer more than this. our concepts and designs can take on a multitude of shapes. creating brands, identities and campagnes is our forte. our portfolio is broadly oriented and varied:

Help Japan

Help Japan

Book Cover project inspiration

#minimalist, design by David Drummond

Watch: Immensely Satisfying Animations Of Minimali

Watch: Immensely Satisfying Animations Of Minimalist Logos, Graphic Posters - DesignTAXI.com

“Rhythm Cult 4th years”, by quim marin, Spain - ty

“rhythm cult 4th years” by quim marin / spain / offset

Gary Pikovsky on Twitter

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Kieler Woche